To TA East members and friends
From Fergus Muir
Calling all fast-course enthusiasts – There is still just time to enter the TA EAST 50 (Sun 16th Sept) – (or indeed the parallel CC Breckland 50, should you be short of a wheel – or a BBAR 50 time).
Event Sec Martin Badham will hold the start sheets open until the post arrives on Thursday (6th Sept).
NB – Since last Friday Martin’s phone line has been out of action so you may find you cannot reach him by phone or email, but never fear, the postman is still delivering.
Event HQ of the 50 is at Morley, 3 miles NE of Attleborough
TA EAST 50 on B50/18. Entries £8.25, Event Sec: Martin Badham 9 St Pauls Close, Horsford, Norwich NR10 3HG
The course details can be found on the East District CA website at

If these seem hard to follow, it may help to know that the Browick turn is at Grid Ref TG126013 and the Eccles Road turn at TM013914

TA Eastern Region AGM on Sunday 16th September 2012
following the 50 at Morley Village Hall, Golf Links Road, Morley, Wymondham NR18 9SU- Grid ref: TM074977 – Approx 12.00 noon.
Do please attend – some regular attenders are on holiday and we do need a quorum.

Len Robinson from Essex writes as follows:
After my wife Eva died suddenly in June 2011 our Longstaff tandem trike on which we had ridden 18000 miles in 20 years was no longer much use to me and I fairly quickly acquired a solo step-through trike from the son of Dick Morris. This was given to me with the proviso that I pass it on to someone else when I no longer needed it.
This tricycle consists of a Dawes lady’s frame with a Rogers conversion axle fitted.
Mick Madgett did some work on this including fitting a 38 toothchain wheel to give me a lower gear range, a new Shimano derailleur and “Ergo” handlebars to give me a more sit-up range of positions.
Unfortunately I now find that my 82 year old neck muscles no longer allow me to get my head up enough to see where I am going so I would like to dispose of this machine to someone who could use it and hopefully look after it.
I do not want to profit out of what was given to me but I would like recover a modest portion of what it cost me to have the trike modified. This is not essential. In the end what matters is to find this machine a home where it will be useful.
If you hear of anyone who would be interested in this tricycle perhaps you could put us in touch.
I have recently bought an ICE recumbent. So far this overcomes my problem with my seeing where I am going and is very pleasant to ride.
Regards, Len Robinson.
44 Peartrees, Ingrave, Brentwood Essex,CM13 3RP. Tel 01277 810493.

It was a particular pleasure to see JIM & VERA STAINES at Mildenhall Rally.
Typically they were still working in their usual rally jobs as volunteers in the Information Office

It was nice to see Mark Brooking’s handsome Jack Taylor tandem trike at Mildenhall, the front end of it in the hands of Jane Swain.
Which reminds me that Mark Ready and I intend to give my somewhat similar Jack Taylor a run in the
East Anglian CC 10 on Saturday afternoon 22nd September, on the Waveney Valley course, – details here:www.eastdistrictca.org.uk/courses/10tt/b1044/ (As you will gather, most East District course details can be found on this site)
The EACC 10 is based at Earsham, just outside Bungay – handy for a visit to the Suffolk coast at Southwold**.
Anyone up for a tandem trike challenge?

** Come to think of it …even more handy to seek out BENACRE WATER TOWER…..which I had never heard of until – in connection with Les Reason’s memorial service and unravelling for myself the cycling dynasties in the South Bucks Road Club – I googled the name of a member and ended up on the website of a organisation which proudly proclaims itself:
“The only British society dedicated to water tower culture and history. “Onwards and Upwards”.
Read all about it at:

(PS…Cilla Gosnell won the national final of the British Cycle Tourist Competition in, – I think – 1968 Your TA East News editor was sixth)

Best Wishes to you all
Ferg Muir 01603 615000 fergusmuir@btinternet.com 


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