To TA East members and friends
From Ferg Muir

There is no more time for indecision – if you want to compete in our TA East Autumn 25 run alongside the Lea Valley CC’s Comet 25 at Quendon in Essex, please post your entry today.
(I must finish this TAEN, quickly and enter myself)
Event Sec Mike Keen 13 Benn St, London E9 5SU
Fee £8.00
Same address if you want to stay at the Comet hut (or the former University hut which is slightly nearer to the start) NB – The TA East will be at Comet Hut, Burton End
Mike’s phone is 0207 253 2370

Mike returns from the World Champs any time now, and we will decide on social plans in the next few days – but there will be a social meet, not far from Burton End, at lunchtime on Sunday. I will send out details.

To give a idea of how cycling journalism has changed over half a century and a flavour of the Comet 25 in its great days, here is a little analysis of the report in “Cycling” – as Cycling Weekly was called at the time – in their edition for October 11th 1956.

The original is in plain text, my comments in italics.

The piece is by George Pearson who was deputy editor at the time.
The most striking thing is that the print is minute – twelve lines to every inch or 2.5 cms.

The exceptional Crescent Whs. team had things very much their own way in the classic Comet CC “25” that wound up the London season on Sunday. Although the occasion served for another stimulating neck-and- neck struggle between their dominant pair, Ken Craven and Eric Beauchamp, with the former getting home by 7 sec., both men were disappointed – because the scratchman was absent !

Quite a few abbreviations are used – like “sec.” always marked by a stop. Also several exclamationmarks. I don’t think any exclamation mark of mine has escaped the editors’ blue pencil.

Beauchamp, it will be recalled, took second place in the championship “25” in June. Craven followed with third place in the championship “50”. In a long season both men have held peak form remarkably well and would have relished a tussle with Ron Jowers, of Twickenham, who was handicapped on the mark of honour. Beauchamp at ½ min., thus became nominal scratchman, sharing this with Dave Keeler, with Craven on ¾ while recent “flyer,” Frank White, Icknield, in his first event this year(!), was handicapped at 1 min. On a dry but cold morning, and a wind with a “bite” in it rising in the north-west, the last third of the field perhaps getting the worst of the morning , there was an early upset as the roll of non-starters began to grow; there had been 170 entrants and only 120 could be accepted, yet on the day 31 failed to answer the call of timekeeper C. E. Bolton.

They weren’t afraid of long sentences – this is 71 words in one go. 170 entries gives some idea of the prestige of the event at the time

By the time that the 89 starters had reached the turn, at 12 miles 300 yd., 87 of them were pretty sure of not winning.

There is a crisp directness about this comment that I quite like , but a more positive slant would probably be expected today

The Crescents were into their stride again, and Craven led Beauchamp by 6 sec.. K.N. Kipping, a 3-minute man was third at 1 min., with P. M. Allen and S. R. Kingland level at 1-24 and T. T. A. Kempley, at 1-30 sixth. On the longer run home speeds remained remarkably constant – the top pair varied by only a second. Craven winning in 58-21, and they doubled their lead on Kipping, who held third place; Allen and Kingsland, level at the turn, were still inseparable at the line (!) but Kempley had jumped over them to fourth place, choosing a hard morning to improve half-a-minute to 1-0-53 and score a decisive handicap win over the promoting club’s keen challenger D. M. Gray. The main team race was between L. Eason and R. Ross to be third man in the winning Crescent team, and the former won this by 1-52, in 1-2-4, assisting towards an inside 3-hour aggregate.

This is just the moment when a few first names are starting to be printed , but for most are still referred to just by initials. “R Ross” is Ray Ross who was riding the East Anglian 10 last Saturday (22nd Sept 2012) where he finished in 26:46, while it took Mark Ready and I on tandem trike 27:05.

Dave Keeler missed the honours list with a 62 minute ride, and this is something exceptional. The ex-national record-holder and former event winner was riding his ninth Comet “25” in 10 years. For the first time he failed to get a place. Frank White was quite satisfied with a 64-min. ride. J. E, Royale, A. Brooks, and D. Deaville, North Manchester, camped out overnight and raced with a club fastest “25” target of 1-2. Royle, 1-3-32, was fastest of the trio.

There were 82 finishers, the fastest being:
K Craven, Crescent Whs 58 21
E Beauchamp, Crescent Wh 58 28
K N Kipping, Crest CC 1 0 32
T T A Kempley, Goodmayes Whs 1 0 53
P M Allen, Eltham Par. 1 1 1
S R Kingsland, Addiscombe 1 1 1
A D Kerss, Clarencourt 1 1 7
R F Postlethwaite, Tott. Ph. 1 1 31
R Harworth, Chelmer 1 1 42
K W Minting, Lion 1 2 3
Hcp. T T A Kempley (4½), 56-23,1; D M Gray, Comet (6½) 57-2,2: J Bowman, Herts whs, (6),57-5 3.
Team – Crescent Wheelers, 2-59-33. 1; Goodmayes Wh., 3-7-9, 2; Comet CC, 3-10-16, 3.

“Cycling” October 11th 1956

There are no leading “0” s in the times – nowadays we would say 1:01:01, not 1 1 1
And much more emphasis on handicaps and second teams – characteristics of the event itself, of course, rather than the reporting.

The EAST 50 on 16th September was a very close battle between Kevin Younge and Chris Hutchinson.
At my marshalling point at the south-west turn (Eccles Road) at about 15 miles Chris, starting three minutes later was actually about 15 seconds up on Kevin, but at the finish it was Kevin Younge 2:16:01; Chris Hutchinson 2:16:36.

The EAST AGM went off satisfactorily. No massive changes. We’ve made a separate job of Time Trial Sec, which Martin Badham has taken on. There was a change to how the Regional AGM papers are to be made available, making use of email- which perhaps Roy will explain.

Talking of marshalling – we have a bit of a problem.
The TA EAST has a duty to provide a marshal for the East District CA 10, originally on 3rd of June, which I fulfilled – at least I stood on a rain-swept Browick roundabout until news came through that flying spray on the A11 meant the event had not gone ahead.

At rather short notice the event is being re-run this coming Sunday morning 30th September. I actually start a short holiday in Bristol that day.
So we need a volunteer to join the marshalling team at the Browick turn (two small roundabouts with a minor-road flyover between them) on the edge of Wymondham, from 8am

Start sheet visible at
EDCA 10 Start sheet

If you might be able to help please contact the Chairman Martin Badham, 01603 897738.

OUR AUTUMN PROGRAMME- here is a preview of ou plans from mid-October onwards: 
Sat 20th OCT
EAST: Coffee:Waterfront Cafe, B1113 Bramford. Lunch: Battisford Tye Punchbowl. Straight Road, Battisford Tye IP14 2LQ Grid Ref TM 024 542

Sat 10th NOV
EAST: Wander in the Wetlands
Meet at The Railway Arms, Platform 1, Downham Market Station 10.30am for a Wander in the Wetlands featuring Denver Mills, Denver Sluice, WWT Welney and the Ouse Washes, crossing the washes for a pint if the road is open.
Details from Mike Moody 01945 861046.

Sat 8th DEC
EAST: Coffee: Writtle, Lordship Tearooms. Lunch The Viper, Mill Green, near Ingatestone. CM4 0PT, TL640018.

Sun 6th JAN
EAST: Lunchtime meet. Tel Ferg Muir 01603 615000

Sun 3rd FEB
EAST: Lunch at Bradfield Combust, near Bury St Edmunds. Preceded by Appetizer ride from Sweetmeats, Water Street, Lavenham.
Lunch Bookings: Martin Badham 01603 897738

Finally the story of a little misfortune:
After riding the EACC 10 and marshalling the CC Breckland 25 the following morning (yesterday) I was trundling the tandem trike back to Norwich solo (Mark Ready having returned home the previous day). After a lunch in the wonderful Rosie Lee’s tearoom in Loddon, I saw it was raining. So put on waterproofs, with strap round my right ankle to keep the trousers away from the chain.

It was only somewhat later, glancing down at an oily fluorescent trouser-bottom, that I remembered that the tandem trike has crossover-drive and the chain at the front is on the left!

And now to that entry-form
Best wishes
Ferg Muir 01603 615000 fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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