To TA East members and friends
From Ferg Muir
Our next meet: THIS COMING SATURDAY 8TH DECEMBER at that cyclist-friendly pub-in-the-woods,
THE VIPER, Mill Green, near Ingatestone. Coffee is planned for the Lordship Tearooms at Writtle – where I suggest we will be found approx 10.30 – 11.00 am, floods permitting.
I mention floods because Roy Prockter tells me there has been problems at Writtle in the last few days. Any local information welcome.
However, I see the most recent Flood Warning has just been withdrawn. One can check the current position by going to
www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods and typing “Writtle” into the search box.
See the end of this TAEEN for directions.
With a tricycle on freewheel one can proceed through a flood by propelling it by a repeated quarter turns of the “Up” pedal, so long as you do not lose track of the road. This last point apparently being overlooked by the chap who was pictured in the Telegraph with a two-thirds submerged car at Writtle. Which reminds me….

My recent mention of Ray Booty prompted the TA Webmaster to tell me that when preparing the great man’s obit The Telegraph, clearly knowing where to look for reliable information, telephoned the TA Webmaster to ask about a photo of Booty on the website.
However, with a clear sense of priorities – or an admiration for Sir Francis Drake – Mr Badham explained he was just going out to the CC Breckland clubroom and he would deal with their query on his return.
Think they got their pic from somewhere else.
(I believe Mr B did have a rather important job to do at the clubroom – unlocking it or something)

Two members have featured on covers of publications recently.
Regional Sec Roy Prockter will be on view in pubs all over NE Essex – for he is pictured – on his tricycle – on the front cover of the local Campaign for Real Ale magazine – usually available free in real ale pubs. The photo shows his Roy on his Longstaff towing a publicity trailer featuring a four foot high “glass” of foaming ale. Roy was pedalling this round advertising the Clacton Beer Festival.
I discovered the other cover photo when Martin returned from the National Reunion and produced something with a flourish from his Look Mum No Hands* bonk bag. It was Roger Alma’s revised history of The International Tricycle Challenge & World Championship Races (See p47 of the Autumn 2012 TA Gazette). I am on the cover.
* LMNH is the cyclists’ cafe at 49 Old St EC1V 9HX

How do you portray a time trial on Radio? What are the signature sounds?

You can see that this was a problem to the author of the Radio 4 biographical play about Beryl Burton featuring Charlie Burton, which was broadcast last Tuesday.

If you want to hear this, the 45 minute programme is, for the moment, available on the I-Player at:www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01p0fpl/Afternoon_Drama_Beryl_A_Love_Story_on_Two_Wheels/ 

To help with advance planning – here is the TA EAST PROGRAMME which I have just sent for publication in the Christmas Gazette:
2013 – Sunday Jan 6th
Lunchtime meet. Tel Ferg Muir 01603 615000l

Sunday 3rd February
East Lunch at The Manger, Bradfield Combust. On A134 6 miles south of Bury St Edmunds. Preceded by Appetiser ride from Sweetmeats, Water Street, Lavenham.
Lunch Bookings: £12.00 Martin Badham 01603 897738. 9 St Pauls Close, Horsford, Norwich NR10 3HG.martinbadham@talktalk.net 

15-17th March – East Weekend at the Comet Hut
The Plan: Friday evening Fish & Chip supper at the hut
Saturday Clubrun to elevenses at Butcher’s Arms, North End and lunch at The Compasses, Littley Green. (Alternatively ride Up the ‘Uts 100 or 200 km Audax nearby)
Evening meal at Hut.
Sunday: Lunch probably The Three Willows, Birchanger, then short ride back to hut.

Sunday 24th March
East Region 25 on B25/17 9am £8.50p Mick Madgett 01379 651995.
HQ Bressingham Village Hall. Clubrun 11.30..ish to Lunch at Redgrave Cross Keys. Bookings to Ferg Muir 01603 615000

Saturday 20th April 
East Coffee at Kersey Mill (IP7 6PD, TM012444) and Lunch at Edwardstone White Horse (Mill Green CO10 5PX, TL951428)

Saturday 4th May East 25 at Sleaford

Saturday 11th May
East 100 on B100/9 at Fakenham. Start 12 Noon £9.00. M Badham (contact – see East Lunch)

Sunday 28th July
East 12hour on B12/3 in Norfolk £14.00 D Saunders , Gravediggers Cott. Church St, Carbrooke Thetford IP25 6SW 07767 833941.

Sunday 15th September 
East 50 on B50/18, Attleborough. £8.50p M.Badham (see East lunch)
Followed by East AGM.

Sunday October 6th 
East 25 on E1/25B at Quendon , Essex. Details: Mike Keen

The Wetland Wanderers – November 10th
I’ll try not to duplicate what will probably appear in the Christmas Gazette…..but Mike Moody tells me of the elevenses stop at Downham Market station cafe that “in view of the size of this diminutive Bar/Café with 30’s to 50’s decor it became a cross between Brief Encounter and Close Encounter as we filled nearly every seat! It was a true Eastern Region meet with four from Essex, three from Norfolk and one each from Suffolk and Cambridgeshire”.

The intrepid nine set out westwards across the Ouse Washes but faced with half a mile of probably deepening water they retreated to the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust tearoom at Welney. New faces on this social ride included Marcus Hopkins and Les, Gill and Sarah King. Les and Gill have bought Jim & Vera Staines’ white and purple tandem trike and told me afterwards “We were made very welcome and probably had our most pleasant ride so far”.
I also had apologies from Fenland members Jezz Davies and Malcolm Church, saying they hope they may be able to join us if another ride is organised in the Fens.

The Wetlands Wander was a case of a member taking on organising a single TA meet, giving me a bit of respite – and opening up an area that is hard for me to get to with a tricycle. I think it worked out well and it would be good to hear from any other volunteers.
The next programme to be put in the Gazette will cover the months May to July inclusive, though a winter meet is still possible if it is only publicised in TA East E-News.

Julian Farrell, organiser of the CC Breckland New Year’s Day 10 based at Morley near Attleborough says he will put up a trike prize if he gets at least five trike entries.
The event has a civilized 11am start on the Wymondham bypass course, Entries £8.25 to
J Farrell, Forge Cottage, Syers Lane, Beeston, King’s Lynn PE32 2NJ.
Entries close on an easily memorable non-standard date – 12/12/12.

TRIKE MILEAGES – Ron Fisher Trophy
John Lewis told the Chairman at the National Reunion that he only had two East mileage charts for 2011/12, but that he will continue to be open to receive more submissions up to the end of the year – so there is still time to send to John Lewis,86 Grosvenor Road,ILFORD, Essex, IG1 1LA.
I have started my 2012/13 chart – though the trike miles have not yet reached three figures – largely due to a chest infection or something that will not go away

SQUASHED LEG FEELING. Also on the subject of my personal health – I have written most of this on my knees because my right thigh does not like me sitting down. Easily feels tingling, squashed and dead. Anyone have any helpful experience on this?

AUDAX TRIKE ARROW TO YORK. See on3wheels.myfastforum.org/ for stirrings that some East trikies are contemplating an Easter ride to York.

For more armchair-bound tricyclists, on this forum under the heading Trike Gallery is some information about ALF JONES TRIKES that I suspect cannot be found anywhere else.

Finally, here are the promised details for our meet on Saturday 8th :
The Lordship Tearooms are just off Lordship Road, Writtle CM1 4RS and the grid ref is TL678069 .
I’m told that there is a good free car park in Writtle Village centre.
Thanks to Chris Hutchinson for the following directions.: In Writtle, Lordship Road runs roughly north from Preston’s Garage until it meets the A1060 at a mini roundabout. The most obvious part of the main Agricultural College grounds are on the west side of Lordship road, while only a few smaller annexes are on the east side. The tearoom is also on the east side, next to the annexes. There is a small entrance road serving both the annexes and tearoom car park, and also a small (but obvious when you get there) entrance path from the pavement.
THE VIPER is about 6 miles south west of Chelmsford and 2 miles NNE of Ingatestone . The postcode is CM4 0PT and the Grid Ref TL640018.

Hope to see you there!
Ferg Muir 01603 615000 fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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