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If it hadn’t been for covid, we would have been gathering last Sunday for our regional luncheon at Bradfield Combust.- in the 50-plus years in my memory, the TA East  Lunch has always been on the first Sunday in February.

Looking out of my window here in Norwich at about the time we would have been leaving The Manger for our journeys home, the snow was starting to come down and the gale would have been penetrating for all except anyone those heading Haverhill way.

Added to that there was news that:-

“A power cut in in Bradfield St Clare affecting 14 postcode areas is still to be resolved but UK Power Networks hopes it will be by 4pm” 

The phrase “silver lining” come to mind.


Photo courtesy of Mary Hardy


-shamelessly copied from the Association’s Facebook pages

Membership Sec Mary Hardy, probably assisted by husband David, has clearly been enjoying the weather

I fear my reproduction has somewhat  blurred the snowman’s message , but I can tell you that he is reminding all those who have so  far forgotten to renew their TA Memberships, that 2021 subs are now very much due.

(Remember that these days reminders are no longer sent out) 


TA East Chairman John Purser draws my attention to this article by BRENDAN HENNESSY in a distinctively Irish voice on the Old Velos website

The time, trials and tribulations of a tricyclist – OldVelos

More of Brendan’s blogs can be accessed via the recent TA Website item headed by a picture of a trike perched on the roof of a rather diminutive fishing boat.



Given the current age-profile of the TA it is probable that most readers will already have had their first covid jab, but you nevertheless may like to read of the opportunity offered to Bury St Edmunds residents to arrive at the vaccination centre by tricycle rickshaw :

Rickshaw charity has a new bike for Covid jab appointments | East Anglian Daily Times (eadt.co.uk)


“WONDERFUL TRICYCLE RIDE” so said a headline in the magazine “Cycling” for June 6th 1923.

P1090349a.jpgThe article was Cycling’s full-page report of the previous weekend’s Shaftesbury 50 – almost certainly held on the course along the Cam valley and through Newport (Essex) which is used nowadays for the TA East Autumn 25

The introduction treats the scratch winner and the handicap winner (the latter happening  to be on a tricycle) as equally important and under the sub-headline

“Nash’s Staggerer” continues………

“There were many other individual performances in the race which call for comment, and four-fifths of the finishers must have registered the fastest 50 of their careers, but the ride that transcends all others- even that of (Scratch winner) Artaud – is the 2 hrs 26 mins 29 secs put up by D F Nash on a tricycle. Hitherto the fastest tricycle ride in an open 50 mile trial was to the credit of H Pryor, but it was 10 mins slower than the ride now under review. Nash had as a matter of fact exceeded Pryor’s time by about a minute in a club event last year, but this latest feat is in quite a different class. It is the staggerer of the race and the Poly boy is entitled to the warmest congratulations on his magnificent ride, particularly as he was delayed about half a minute at a level crossing. He used a gear of 73”

Apart from anything else, Nash, who had won the Tricycle Trophy at 100 miles in 1922, must have been a good twiddler to do a time like that on a gear of 73. A time such as his would have been enough for second place in the most recent (2019) Bruce Kingsford “50”….98 years later.

As can be seen from the picture, apart from the single gear, the low ratio, and the voluptuous curves of the handlebars, his tricycle looks remarkably similar to a modern machine.

Whatever the machine, Nash’s ride was assuredly a magnificent athletic feat



Chris Hutchinson represented the TA East at Ian Mackenzie’s funeral on January 4th.

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