To TA East members & friends

From Ferg Muir

We start with a message from John Purser, our Regional Chairman

Dear TA East Region Members & Friends,,

After this 18 month period of restricted freedom, we are at last being allowed by science and politicians to enjoy ourselves again.

The TA National Reunion and AGM which take place on the weekend of 30th and 31st October at Loughborough are a great opportunity to meet fellow tricyclists from all over the country.

Please look at the booking form in the Gazette (which has recently come through the letter-box) and register your intention.

Nearer the time, we could organise car-sharing.  I (John Purser) am going from Sudbury)

 But please reserve a place NOW, before the 24th July deadline. 

An email to  davidhardy526@hotmail.com   is all that is needed to make sure we have enough to make the 2021 Reunion a reality.

It’s a good night out – and don’t we all need one ? ! “

(And it would be a shame to lose it).

FRM adds:

The reason for the July sub-deadline is that the hotel charges a hefty and increasing cancellation fee 3, 2 and 1 month out, so we can’t wait until our East AGM.

I know that our Mattishall members Michael & Frida have already got together a party of four from the Lea Valley CC, so we have a nucleus from the East already



The details of our EAST REGION AGM are on p8 of the current (blue-covered) TA Gazette

To recap .. it is on SAT AUGUST 14th at John Purser’s house

Higher Ground, Acton near Sudbury CO10 0AF.

There is space for camping for tents and caravans for those who wish to stay for the weekend. Parking is available.

We are most grateful to John for hosting this event


10.00 am  Sat: Assemble at Higher Ground for clubrun, leaving at 11 AM for those who wish to go on it .  This will use Sustrans route to Hadleigh or Kersey Mill.

After run of roughly two or three hours, return to Acton for the AGM AT 3 PM, with an estimated finish time of 4.30pm.




I know that sorting out these details caused some headaches for our officials

I finally learnt that the basic details were fixed…….announced not by a puff of smoke from a chimney but by a crash of glass outside my back door.

Regional Secretary Martin had arrived on his new tricycle bearing the news  The trike is a Flying Gate and he had swung it, as I suppose you do, to fit it on my patio……… and in doing so demolished my neatly lined up empty milk bottles.

Martin's Flying Gate, with Swallow axle browsing on Heydon Green.
Martin’s Flying Gate, with Swallow axle browsing on Heydon Green.


For those readers who wonder what a Flying Gate is, see: Flying Gate — Beaumont Bicycle

They are usually bicycles. As the whole point of the design is to get a bike rear wheel close to the bottom bracket, and that is not a problem with wheels out on each side, a Flying Gate trike is a bit mad, and there are very few of them

Several are owned or were built for East Region Members



Bob Jackson One Wheel Drive tricycle, plus 2 spare rear wheels.

This machine belongs to Paris-Brest-Paris rider and TT 24 hr ladies comp record holder Arabella Maude, who lives in Ipswich (It formerly belonged to Roger Baker of that parish)

It’s a 54 cm frame with 22 – 32 – 42 triple chainset and 172.5 mm cranks

The width is 59 cm between treads

Arabella says: “I paid £300, so ideally something similar, but a good home is the preference”.

Contact Arabella at  arabella.maude@btconnect.com


COMMISERATIONS to our Lincoln Wheelers members whose promising attack on the 100 Miles Trike Team Comp Record were scuppered by an accident to another competitor and the consequent abandonment of the Breckland 100

CONGRATULATIONS to ANDY NEWHAM and IAN PIKE (Lincoln Wheelers) on setting what I believe to be a new 15 mile Tandem Trike record of 34:31 in the CC Breckland 15 .on Wednesday July 7th.


Best Wishes to You All

Ferg Muir


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