Formed in 1928 at the instigation of the renowned Alec Glass, the Tricycle Association has developed over the past 80 years until now it is an organisation that caters for most tricyclists both at home and abroad.

Membership is open to all who have an interest in tricycles and tricycling.

Racing, touring or social activities are organised in all parts of the country throughout the year. An International weekend has been held for many years in St Marsault, France and, more recently in Asse, Belgium. In 2010 the UK hosted it at Blenheim Palace as part of the October cycling festival there and 2013 saw the International Tricycle Challenge at Fowlmead Cycle Park near Deal in Kent.

Nationally the Association is organised and run by an Executive Committee comprising the National Officers, the Regional Secretaries and a number of independent members. The organisation of the Association is defined in the Handbook which available on-line. A printed copy is provided to Members as part of their Membership Subscription.

Members elect to join one of the Regions of the Association. Each Region has a Secretary and a Captain, together with a small committee to look after a social and racing programme for its members and is affiliated to the Cycling Time Trials organisation.

Social events are organised all year round and many are organised with both social and racing activities taking place over one weekend.

Starting with the National Dinner and Award Presentation – this is a really good social occasion with a chance to meet up with friends. The Reunion Dinner is generally preceded by an appetiser short distance time-trial, held in a spirit of fun with competitors supplying prizes which are distributed after the event. It is followed on the Sunday morning by the National AGM. During the following winter months Regional Luncheons and Award Presentations are held in most areas of the country. Most regions hold a regular series of social rides during the winter months, helping to keep the local cafés and hostelries in business. Tricycles are an excellent form of transport when the roads get slippery through ice, snow or mud.
The summer months are very hectic with activities most weekends taking place all over the country. Apart from our own organised weekends, tricyclists camp in a group on ‘Barrow Lane’ at York and Mildenhall rallies.

Regional racing programmes contain events at 10 miles and 25 miles and some also run 50 miles, 100 miles and 12 hour events. Social runs are often held in conjunction with these events.

Tricycle Association Medals are awarded to the winning competitors and, in some events, historic and interesting trophies.