Why ride trikes?

Because we enjoy it!

Are trikes difficult to ride?

Not once mastered; but it may represent a bit of a challenge at first because it is very different from a bike. Remember that you have to steer and maintain the correct centre of gravity. The machine holds itself up.

What are the advantages of a trike?

Too many to say really. As you ride them more and more the different benefits become apparent!

But briefly: they are ideal in icy or slippery conditions; they have an amazing carrying capacity; riders with a balance problem are able to go cycling; they stand alone for parking!  And there is the eligibility to join the TA and ride socially or in competition with a relatively small group of like minded individuals. For the exhibitionist, nothing compares with the exhilaration of cornering fast with flair and style.

What are the disadvantages of riding a trike?

It is true that they do weigh more than a bike, and there is more drag and wind resistance. Enthusiasts consider these to be minor problems when set against the advantages. Deteriorating road surfaces in the UK, particularly subsidence at the edge of a carriageway, dictate that careful anticipation of uneven surfaces is a paramount consideration.

How can I transport my trike about?

Trikes can usually be reduced in size by removing the wheels to travel in the boot of a car, or they may be carried on roof racks, boot racks or trailers with little need for radical alterations to fittings. Members of the Association have devised numerous methods for transporting them about, and will be happy to advise. There can be problems when taking trikes on trains. Trikes may be taken to the Continent on ferry boats as three wheeled bikes! Air transport is not impossible, but it is best to talk to someone who has done it before. The best method of moving a trike about, of course, is to ride it!

What are trikes like in traffic?

At junctions there’s no need to put your foot down! Because their width is more easily assessed by other road users, you will usually be given more room.