Tricycle Association activities are many and varied with many events during the year both social and sporting.

Our members use trikes for a variety of activities and for some the trike is their only form of transport. In addition to everyday transport for shopping, commuting etc trikes are ideal for touring and some members also compete in time trialling events and RRA (Road Records Association) record attempts.  The Association also runs a Leaguecompetition  which ensures that all competitors, even the less able, get a chance to compete for a trophy.

Some other useful sites to visit for more details of our wide range of activities can be seen on the Links page.

Time trialling events will often form the focus for social activities and many members who do not actually compete come along to join in the social side and to watch the event (or even to join in by marshalling or helping to man the tea bar). Camping, caravanning, youth hostelling weekends take place for a number of weekends away during the year, and even an International weekend when we have joined in a village fete in St Marsault in France or enjoyed the hospitality of Asse in Belgium. In 2010 the UK hosted it at Blenheim Palace as part of the October cycling festival there and 2013 saw the International Tricycle Challenge at Fowlmead Cycle Park near Deal in Kent.

All tricycle riders can get involved by submitting a record of their mileage covered by tricycle on a ANNUAL TRICYCLE MILEAGE AWARDS Form.doc to the Tricycle Mileage Chart Organiser who will issue certificates to those involved at the National Reunion or by post.

During the winter months the ‘social season’ is extremely hectic. Following the National Dinner and Prize Presentation at the end of October, the regions organise their own annual ‘get together’ each in their own individual style.

The Tricycle Association offers very good fellowship and can form the basis of a richly fulfilling social and sporting calendar.

Diary Dates

Dates for your diary are listed on the right for those in the recent future, for the whole calendar click on “View Calendar” at the bottom of that list. Once there, the calendar can be modified according to taste or requirements or filtered to specific categories.

Tricycle Mileage Charts 2013

Applications received for year ending 30 September 2013 as follows:

Graeme Allan 11896 Roy Prockter 1307.16
Martin Badham 6494.61 Alison Purser 3242
Tom Bellamy 313 Martin Purser 3034
Geoff Booker 2254.22 Greta Spiers 434.5
Liz Booker 285.79 Malcolm Timmis 1055
Ron Cotterill 3865 Clifford Tremaine 2006
Jim Hopper 11510 Mark Vowells 2237
John Lewis 2984 Malcolm Waters 6045
Philippe Meyer 4794 Eric Windsor 2511
Alan Nye 9125

Total Tricycling Mileages to 30 September 2013

Jim Hopper 406582 Les Lowe 126863
Gerry Lewis 396172 Philippe Meyer 76811
John Lewis 356069 Colin Dickens 59621
Alan Nye 264078 Darren Barratt 43074
Graham Allan 226126 Mark Vowells 40861
Malcolm Waters 161247 Roy Prockter 34207
Jonathan Beard 146691 Keith Roberts 3019