The Gazette is distributed by post on a quarterly basis and is free to members.  It is produced from contributions by the members, who appear to have plenty to say because the magazine usually runs to at least 40 pages.

In addition to articles, letters to the editor and snippets of news, it also gives details of the Association’s activities with Dates for your Diary and Results pages.

Sales and Wants are advertised for members free of charge, but, with effect from May 2013 any non member wishing to advertise will be charged a fee of £5.00, £10 if accompanied by a photograph. Normally one picture per advertisement will be published but more photographs may be included where the machine is of particular interest, with unusual features. The editor would be grateful if members who give details of sales or wants over the telephone would confirm in a letter or by email to guard against errors occurring.

At the Tricycle Association Annual General Meeting on October 26 2008 it was agreed that the dates for copy for the Gazette should be changed to give a more even distribution over the year. The deadlines for copy will be:

9th Mar 2021 Closing date for Copy – Spring Gazette
8th Jun 2021 Closing Date for Copy – Summer Gazette
7th Sep 2021 Closing date for Copy – Autumn Gazette
16th Nov 2021 Closing date for Copy – Winter Gazette

As a rough guideline for members, It takes about a fortnight after the deadline to prepare the Gazette for publication, send the copy to the printer, and check and return the proofs. A further fortnight at least is needed for printing and distribution. Early copy is always much appreciated. Regional Secretaries need to be aware of the time-scale when sending in dates for events.

Readers should receive their copy of the Gazette about a month after the deadlines, so the Spring edition should be in the post in mid-April. Would Regional Secretaries please let us have the Dates for the Diary for the year to publish in the Winter edition, if possible? Outline information for events later in the year will be sufficient. It can be added to in later editions. Copies of these dates to the Webmaster would also be appreciated.

Articles for the Gazette may be submitted in any format ie handwritten, typed, e-mail etc.    All are welcomed by the Editor and can be sent by post or by e-mail to

Roger and Myra Alma
28 Landsdowne Gardens
NP44 3GB

Tel: 01633 861266