Listed below are a selection of tricycle frame manufacturers. Each makers name links to their page as do the links above and at the bottom of the page. If you have a tricycle, either from a listed manufacturer or from an unlisted one, please send me details of its history, if known and any photos and background information you may have and I will add it to the site. We are slowly building up this information and your input would be most helpful. To add to this project please send your information to the TA Webmaster by e-mail or go to the Contact page for his address and telephone number.

Chater Lea – details on this link to the V_CC Library. According to the catalogue the axles used are Stanley, this is possibly a misprint for Starley, the webmaster would appreciate confirmation either way.
• Gillott

• Higgins

• Humber

• Jack Taylor

• Kendrick

• Rogers

• Thompson

• TJ Cycles

• Trykit

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