Tricycle Association General Data Protection Regulation Protocol

  1. The Tricycle Association holds members personal data including names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses in a database for the administration of the Association only. The Association also holds a card index of member’s names, addresses and telephone numbers.
  2. The database is stored on an encrypted memory stick which when not in use is stored by the Membership Secretary in a safe place. A back-up copy is stored by the Treasurer, also in safe keeping.
  3. Any Regional Officers holding a list of regional members on a database will store such databases only on an encrypted memory stick and in a safe place when not in use.
  4. All group e-mails are sent under blind carbon copy (bcc).
  5. The Association publishes a printed list of members including names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses biennially. Information is supplied by individuals:
    • when they apply to join the Association by means of the Membership Application Form;
    • annually by means of the Membership Renewal Form.
  6. Members can choose which pieces of personal data are held by the Association and included in the printed list of members by using the check boxes on the Membership Application Form or Membership Renewal Form or by contacting the Membership Secretary by post or e-mail.
  7. Names and addresses only are shared with the printers of The Tricycle Association Gazette (currently Tucann Ltd, Unit 9, Blackthorn Way, Business Park, Five Mile Ln, Washingborough, Lincoln LN4 1BF) [See Statement from Tucann Ltd below]
  8. The Tricycle Association Gazette contains a list of the contact details of National and Regional Officers. It also contains a list of the names and addresses of new members. It is circulated to members only.
  9. The Tricycle Association Website ( contains names and e-mail addresses of appropriate officers of the Association. Access to the website is unrestricted.
  10. Event secretaries of Tricycle Association time trials will run the events in compliance with Cycling Time Trials Data Protection Policy.

Statement from Tucann Ltd;

Upon receipt of the Excel file containing membership names and addresses, Tucann Ltd download and store it upon a password protected computer which does not share files with any other computers on our network. The email is then deleted from the server. Upon printing of the address labels and confirmation that there are no errors, the excel file is deleted. We have no need to store the information further given that we receive a new file for each issue.